Creative Ideas for Business Cards

 Business cards are one of the most common and seemingly un-creative communication tools in today's business world. This is exactly why you should make your business cards stand-out, and make an extraordinary and lasting impression compared to the competition for attention.

Also, advanced printing and design techniques are found in most printing houses, and their cost is more than reasonable.

Following are some ideas to get your business card the attention it deserves!

Cards as collectible items: Print a "series" of business cards. suggestions of company names   entire series would include the same basic information on your business services and contact details. However, you should create some 10-20 variations of the cards, and encourage clients, suppliers, partners, etc. to collect these as they would collect other collectible items. Each variation of the card could highlight a different product or service that you sell, could include a different image, a new success story, a quote related to your business or market, and so on. You might also offer a prize for those who manage to collect the full series (and make some variations of the cards more rare and harder to obtain).

Cards supporting your chosen charity: Social awareness is a growing concern of businesses world-wide. It is also recognized as an important part of public-relations efforts. Why not show your concern for good causes on your business cards as well? You could print on the back of the cards a sentence such as "We support the [your chosen charity] fund. Join us - call this number to donate...".

"Client in the center": Many businesses claim to place their concerns for their client's needs in the center. You could emphasize such a message if you leave room in the center of your business card, and fill-in the client's name and company before handing them their personalized and client-focused version of your business card. This could be integrated, for example, in your job title - e.g. "David Brooks, Client Manager for Palmer Enterprises, Inc." (emphasized part is filled in by hand).

Cards with basic tools of trade: Many professions have basic tools of the trade. Architects use rulers and measure angles, bankers calculate interest rates, tailors write down various measurements, etc. You could include some of these basic tools on your business cards (perhaps on its back-side). The best approach would be to identify and design a simple and re-usable tool, that may be used often by the person you give the card to. This would make them look at your card and use it time and time again. They would also associate future needs related to that line of work with that tool on the card and with your name.


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